Photos by Le Marcl

                                                                                   Wearing Riccovero Fall Collection 









                                                                                            Photos by Le Marcl

                                Wearing vintage shirt, pants from Zara, shoes from H&m and sunglasses from Blank sunglasses.









                                                                                        Photos by Le Marcel

                                 Coat from Riccovero, turtleneck and pants from H&m, clutch from Zara and shoes from Mango.









                                           Jacket and pants from Weekday, crop top and clutch from Zara, shoes from H&M.

BACK TO THE 1700's








                                                                                                       Photos by L Marcel

                                 Wearing Dolce& Gabbana sunglasses, jacket and top from H&m, pants from Mango and heels from Asos.  









                                                                                              Photos by Le Marcl

                           Wearing blazer and bag from Zara, crop jeans and shoes from Mango and Dolce& Gabbana sunglasses.








                                                                                             Photos by Le Marcl 

                                            Wearing dress from Saint Tropez, clutch from Mango and sandals from Zaful.                









                                                                                                  Photos by Le Marcl

                                              Wearing Norwegian Rain jacket, dress from Dry Lake and sneakers from Zara.









                                                                                                   Photos by Le Marcel

                                      Wearing Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Levis shorts, Vintage purse, top and sandals from H&M.













                                                                                         Photos by Melat Dawud

                            Faux fur from H&m, jeans from Levis, Dolce& Gabbana sunglasses, backpack and boots from Zara.




















It has been so long since I posted something. I have been very busy the past months.I couldn't find time to blog with everything that happened. I was studying very much. I could not find the balance between school and blogging and I still haven't, but I'll try. I decided to give you all a little update. For those of you who follow me on instagram have probably seen some of the things I have been up to. Beside studying I have been on holiday in France and spent times with friends and family. 













This year I have taken my love for colours to the next level. I can't go out of the door without wearing something colorful. It's so weird because I wasn't like that before at least not at this time of the year. In fall I usually wear grey, camel, white or black. I waited for summertime to wear yellow, pink, orange, but now I do it all the time. And let's face it your outfits look more alive with colours.















                                                                                             Photos by Le Marcl

                           Wearing sweater from H&m, off shoulder from Asos, Maison Scotch pants and pumps from Zara.














                                                           Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Processed with VSCO with m3 preset



                                                                                          Photos by Melat Dawud

                                        Trench coat from Topshop, top from Mango, jeans from Zara and shoes from Bianco























Wearing YAS jacket from Okloven, shirt from Asos, pants from Zara, bag from Mango and shoes from Zaful HERE (sponsored)

It's very nice how music can fulfill your fashion ideas. This look was inspired by Rihanna's new music video. The song and video was so cool l loved it. It really gives you good summer vibes. 





















                                                                                             Photos by Le Marcl

                                                   Jacket from H&m, dress from Topshop, DKNY bag and shoes from Zara.








                                                                                                  Photos by Le Marcl

                                           Wearing Sinquanone dress, Michael Kors bag and Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses.





I can't believe that I am still wearing my coats in June. I mean where is the summer? But when I think about it; it?s actually quite good. I have too many coats and I love wearing them. Sometimes I feel like the winter can be so cold that I have to wear more warm winter jackets than coats. So it's okay that I still wear my coats, but I do hope we will get more summerly days. 





                                                                                                Photos by Le Marcl 

                                                     Blazer from Zara, blouse from Asos, skirt from Vila and shoes from Zara. 













                                                                                                 Photos by Melat Dawud

                        Wearing shirt and shoes from Zara, pants form H&m, Tommy Hilfiger bag and Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses.







For two weeks ago when my friend came to visit me we were both wearing camel. It was really coincidence I swear. That was enough on our way down to the town there was this bridge that was camel too. Sometimes you don't need to look for locations to shoot. Things happen whiteout a plan.




                                                                                       Photos by Melat Dawud

                        Wearing coat from Zara, jeans form H&m, boots from Zara and Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses.







                                             Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

My latest updates have been based on colors and some of my old pictures from my vacations. Because I need one right now l am going crazy about it! I will be patient my turn will come soon. 



                    Denim jacket: Cos || Sweater: Mango || Watch: Olivia Burton || Backpack: Rains || Sneakers: Nike || Scarf: Givenchy











                                     Wearing Calvin Klein blazer, Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses, dress and shoes from Zara.






I am obsessed with my new products from NeglAkademiet and CND Creative Play. I feel so girly treating my nails very often now, but it's really fun and I love it. I would absolutely recommend it because the quality is good. The nail polish last for long! But you have to be careful if you want it to last very long tho. My favorite was the orange one. This post is in collaboration with NeglAkademiet and CND Creative Play.



                                 Dress: FWSS || Sunglasses: Dior || Flower foulard: Zara || Top and pants: Mango || Slipper: Vagabond 







                                                                                                           Photos by Melat Dawud

                                                           Wearing coat from Vila, Givenchy sweater, jeans from H&m and shoes from Asos.




I have been taking a break from my clutches and bags for the last couple of days. Backpacks are the real thing for me right now. It's more practical and easier! This here is a new one I bought from Zara. I just love it, it's one of my favorite colors. You guys have probably noticed that. And of course I had to match it with those sunglasses.














                                                                                                             Photos by Melat Dawud

                                       Wearing Vintage coat, sweater from Pimkie, pants from Selected Femme, shoes from Zara and Prada sunnies.


                                                                 Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


                                                                   Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Last week my brother Le Marcel and I had a photo shoot at the studio of We Norwegians. Here are some behind the scene pictures we took. The lovely dress I am wearing is from We Norwegians. I really love it it's so casual but chic with an opening at the side.









                                                                                                                  Photos by Melat Dawud

                                                  Coat: Vila || Blouse: H&m || Leather pants: Selected Femme || Shoes: Zara || Sunglasses: Dolce& Gabbana






I have to say that I have changed! I never thought I would see myself wearing more accessories than my sunglasses, watches or bags. Now I have challenged myself to wear more jewelry. It's how you wear jerseys that decide how you feel about it. I used to think that wearing jewelry was too much. But it doesn't have to be too much if you keep it simple.







                                                                                                          Photos by Melat Dawud

                                              Wearing Vintage Fur, top from Zara, jeans from Vila, shoes from Woolworths and Ray ban sunglasses.


                                                                             Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset






Here are some of my latest updates on Instagram. I post very often there more pictures than on the blog, but I post them here after sometimes so I was thinking of doing it regularly. I can have post about like my Instagram outfits or travel diary. I post some outfits there that are not for the blog.








                                                                                   Photos by Melat Dawud

                        Wearing sweater from Bik bok, skirt from Zara, shoes from Woolworths, Vintage bag and Prada sunnies.





I have come to a point where I only want to wear clothes that keep me warm. With the weather here in Norway it's understandable. It's cold here most of the time, and it's not fun frizzing constantly. What helps me most is this scarf from Acne. I wear it with different coats, and it fits with most of them. It keeps me warm at the same makes me look good. What more can you ask? I mean, and the color of the scarf is definitely something.








                                                                                  Photos by Melat Dawud

                            Wearing coat from Bik bok, shirt from Gant, jeans from Zalando, Backpack and shoes from Zara.








                                 Wearing Penn& Ink blazer, Maison Scotch pants, Blouse and shoes from Zara.

My friends and family would probably say that I'm a shopaholic. But that's not true I like to think that at least. I do buy pretty much lots of clothes, but that's because of my passion for clothes. I do have some periods where I don't buy anything.






                                                                             Photos by Melat Dawud

                        Trench coat: Weekday || Turtleneck: Benetton || Pants: Calvin Klein || Sunglasses: Prada || Shoes: Zara 










I think it's quite important to remember that. Otherwise your outfit may go crazy or completely caos. You wouldn't want that to happen right? Don't get me wrong it's good to wear something different it makes you look unique. But you have to keep it simple or classic to show the edge in your outfit. When I bought this shirt I thought wow this is different than my other ones. Since it's different I'm not going to wear it with something boring, but with more classic which is also different like this pants.





                                                                                  Photos by Melat Dawud

                                           Wearing Selected Femme dress, cardigan from Okloven and shoes from Nelly.











                                                                            Photos by Melat Dawud

                               Wearing Turtleneck from Mango, Levis jeans, Tommy Hilfiger bag and Calvin Klein shoes.


                                        Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset





This is the kind of outfits you can wear with your friends on a girl night out in the weekend or when you have something to do late night, and you want to look on point without doing to much. It's always fun twinning with each other. But don't look exactly alike. You can wear the same type of clothes, but it's important to make a good combination when it comes to the colours because that's everything. You have already a simple difference when your jackets or pants don't have the same colour.







                                                                              Photos by Melat Dawud

                          Wearing Vintage jacket, jumpsuit from Forever 21, shoes from Zara and sunglasses from Asos.






I have taken my obsession to cropped wide-leg pants to a whole new level. I mean it's all I wear right now I'm so obsess with it. First of all it's very comfortable and relaxing. I think that is the main reason that I like it. Also it looks unique and shows your shoes more in an outfit you can style it in a retro way or more fancy.






                                                                                  Photos by Le Marcl

                                            Wearing Maison Scotch jacket, Morris pants and Selected Femme sneakers.






                                        Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset

Here are some pictures from last week taken with my phone and cameras. If you follow me on Instagram you will see more pictures. I sometimes tend to update more on Insta than on the blog. It's more easily done because I take the pictures myself, specially when I do it with my phone I can just post them right away. Have you guys noticed how I'm all about colours when I take a picture? When I find a green or pink wall I use it as my background.






                                                                                     Photos by Melat Dawud

                                                 Wearing Denim jumpsuit, Clutch from Zalando and Shoes form Bik bok. 







My inspiration for today is all about accessories! I'm not really an accessory type of person. I usually just use watches, bags, clutches, sunglasses and hats as accessories. But I think I need to change that, I have to try to use more accessories with some outfits.








                                                                              Photos by Melat Dawud                   

          Wearing United Colors of Benetton coat, jeans from Bershka, Shoes from Bik Bok and Dolce& Gabbana sunglasses.







                                                                             Photos by Melat Dawud  

           Wearing Vintage jacket, Selected Femme sweater, jeans from H&m, shoes from Nelly and Ray ban sunglasses.







Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovers out there! So today is the day you show love to your lover. For those of you how celebrate Valentine's Day take out your lovely dress and wear it tonight. We all know that red is the love colour! Use this opportunity to wear your a red dress, and take your lover to a nice place like Theatro. 





                                                                                    Photos by L Marcel

                                Wearing Selected Femme jacket, Penn&Ink N.Y wide-leg pants and Tiger of Sweden boots.






Hey guys let's talk about shoes for once because I have to admit that I forget how important shoes are for us. I mean it's true that the shoes you wear can change your outfit. We wear often high heels to pop out our outfit to make it look less casual when it is not a party outfit. But sometimes you also want a break, and wear flat shoes. It just is more comfortable. We all know in everyday life we have to wear flat shoes. One just can't survive with only high heels.






                                                                                     Photos by L Marcel

                              Wearing Selected Femme Blazer and pants from Okloven, Ray ban sunglasses and shoes from Asos.






Happy Monday peeps! I don't know why but lately I have been taking many mountains pictures. I love it so much, specially because here in Norway we have such amazing views everywhere. It's very beautiful when you wake up in the morning and see it. I wanted to tell you guys too that I decided to blog more often now every Monday, Thursday and Wednesday. So stay updated and have a nice week!








                                                                                   Photos by Melat Dawud

              Jacket: Stella McCartney || Turtleneck: Pull&Bear || Pants: H&M  || Sunglasses: Pada || Backpack: Zara || Shoes: Asos 











                                                                               Photos by Melat Dawud

                                                  Wearing dress from Yellowweed, Mango clutch and Zara heels.








                                                                             Photos by L Marcel

                    Wearing Zara coat, Mango turtleneck, Levis jeans, Selected Femme boots and Ray ban sunglasses.




                                                                                 Photos by Melat Dawud

                                Wearing Coat from Rise, Sweater from Vila, Levis jeans and Thigh high boots from Zara.






Are you guys ready for the weekend? But don't know what to wear! Don't think too much, you don't always have to wear very nice dresses. Sometimes when I want to look good for an event or something the first thing that usually comes in my mind is a fabulous dress. But I changed that though! You can always wear a short sexy jumpsuit, which looks like a dress.







                                                                              Photos by Melat Dawud

                                                   Wearing Gant turtleneck, Vintage pants and shoes from Zara.



Hello cold days! I am so ready for winter now. I mean real winter because some winters feels like fall most of the time. But it looks like this winter is going to be cold. It's already very cold outside now! I kind of need this right now specially after South Africa. Even if I'm not really a winter person I want to wear my favorites coats and sweaters.






                                  Wearing Mango pink dress, Zara sandals, Ray ban sunglasses and Anne Klein watch.



                          Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset






                                        Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset




Hey guys longtime no see! I am sorry for not keeping you updated. I am always busy with work and everything. But I will try to do my best. Anyway I haven't completely forgotten my blog. Here are some of the photos from my latest trip. I was in South Africa for two weeks. I needed to relax and get some sun of course. So it was very nice, I got to see my family as well. 








                             Wearing backless dress from forever 21,black heels from Zara and Ray ban sunglasses.


                                      Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

                                      Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I'm pretty sure most of you guys would agree with me that traveling the world is one of the best things one can do. I found it very interesting to discover new places and experience how others are living their lives. It's an amazing and inspirational experience. That's way I love traveling!




                                                                                     Photos by Le Marcl

                                     Wearing Zara sweater, dress from Gina Tricot, thigh high boots from Dinsko and Nelly.



                                           Wearing Vila top from Okloven, Bikbok wig leng pants and Zara black heels.



It works sometimes to force your self to believe something can fit you. It did for me, quite honestly! I was always skeptical when it came to round sunglasses, I felt like they didn't fit me well. But it didn't stop me from trying, and I kept trying until the day I found the right ones, and now I have so many of them.





                                                                                 Photos by Le Marcl

                   Wearing overfalls from Mrp, Acne Studios top, Ray ban sunglasses, Selected Femme Cardigan and boots.





                                 Wearing Samse green willow long dress (You can buy it here) and Zara black heels.


                                        Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

                                        Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

                                        Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

                                       Wearing Forever 21 jumpsuit, Mango clutch, Ray ban sunglasses and Zara heels.









                       Wearing off shoulder bluse from Asos, Vintage denin skirt, BCBG Paris clutch and Selected birkenstock.








                          Wearing Jensen Women vest, jumpsuit from Nelly, Vintage bag, Zara heels and Ray ban sunglasses.



                             Processed with VSCO with c1 preset









                                       Processed with VSCO with c1 preset




                         Processed with VSCO with c1 preset




                                       Processed with VSCO with c1 preset





So this happened! I went to the USA for the summer. I was very excited and I had all the right to be because it was amazing. It was actually the first time I traveled over there. I arrived in Atlanta where my family live, and was there for few weeks. Then we drove to Miami for a few days, after that we went to Washington and New York. It was really nice, but it went very fast like every holidays.








                                      Wearing Topshop dress, BCBG Paris clutch, Ray ban sunglasses and Etam sandals.









                                    Wearing top from Cubus, Selected Femme pants, sandals from Nelly and Vintage bag.










                     Wearing Calvin Klein blazer, Mango blouse, BCBG Paris clutch, Selected Femme skirt and birkenstock.






                           Wearing Bershka crop top, H&m wide pants, Faux Suede hat from Nelly and Ray ban sunglass.





                                                                                       Photos by Le marcel

                            I am wearing Dry lake beige dress and Guri is wearing Selected femme jumpsuit from Okloven.



                                    Wearing Mango dress, Zalando clutch, Vintage skirt, Asos sandals, Zara blazer and heels.







                                                                                Photos by Melat Dawud

                                             Wearing H&M sweater, Zara clutch, Ray ban sunglasses and Nelly sandals.



                                          River Island cold shoulder waisted lace dress here and Zara long flower dress here.








                                                                              Photos by Melat Dawud

                                               Wearing Vintage flowers shirt, Versace wide leg jeans and Nelly sandals 




                                        Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



                                        Processed with VSCO with c1 preset




Hey guys! It has been so long since I posted something, but now I'm back at it again. I have been very busy the past months. I couldn't find time to blog with everything that happened. I was studying and working very much. You have no idea how happy I am to be finished with everything. For those of you who follow me on instagram have probably seen some of the things I have been up to. But I decided to give you all a little update. Beside studying and working I have been on holidays and spent times with friends and family.






                                                                             Photos by Le marcel

                                Wearing Vila coat, Selected trouser, Tommy Hilfiger purse, Prada sunglass and Zara heels.



Sometimes it feels rather plain to wear a black dress and shoes for one outfit. We all wear black all the time, however it is not the most appealing shade of the colour-scheme, but it doesn't have to be like that. If you wear a long black dress, which is not too simple or casual, it would be different. It's classier and more special for important events. To keep your look simple you can wear the dress with black high heels.


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                                                                                      Photos by Le marcel

                                        Wearing Vintage coat, Mango pants, Zara clutch, Inwear shoes and Ray ban sunglass.






Versace Fall 2016 Runway was so awesome! Donatella really delivered a good show again. The collection was very interesting where sportiness was in the focus with hints of sexiness. You had zippered suits with leather inserts, stretch trousers and slim skirts. Empowering women in control was what Donatella wanted to convey in her show. When Vogue talked to her backstage after her models walked briskly around a circular arena under rings of lights, she said  "They're strong women - women must be strong!"


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                                      Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

                         Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


                                                                                  Photos by Le marcel

                            Wearing Zara red blazer, Pimkie blouse, Weekday pants, Mango clutch and River Island sandals.



Are you tired of wearing high heels all the time?  If you are you should defiantly join the pointed flats club. The thing about those shoes is that they are quite comfortable. I can stand with them all day at work. I found them to be good and practical, that is why I am recommending them to you. Because they look different from normal sneakers, they will makes you look more elegant.


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As you probably have seen in the last past weeks, I spent the holidays in South Africa. It was absolutely one of the best vacations I have had so far. Also a good way to start the year with my fantastic family, I had not seen in a very long time. We were all gathered in Johannesburg for my cousin's wedding. What a beautiful bride I was so proud of her, and the wedding was magic. Beside that I visited the city it was very hot over there. But I loved it and had an amazing time.


Wearing Zara blouse, River Island skirt, Michael Kors bag and Ray Ban sunglass.


Happy New Year guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new year. It's finally a new year again with new opportunities. I have no resolutions this Year, I think I'm just going to take everything as it comes and we will see.


Now that winter is here, it's time to search for some inspiration for the winter. I cant believe that we are in december already. Christmas and new year are coming soon, the time is just passing so fast. This winter I am going for camel, beige and grey clothes as usually. I need to find some really warm sweaters and coats.


I am pretty much of a city girl even if I live in a very small town, which I love by the way because is very peaceful and less stressful than any city. But the thing is that I grew up in a big city, that's why I will always be a city girl. When it comes to my pictures too I take them often in the city, because I love street photography, and it's more of my style.


Wearing H&m striped blazer, Nelly crop top, Ray ban sunglasses, Zara shorts and shoes.


I am so happy to finally have this awesome Stella McCartney jacket!


Photos by Melat Dawud

Wearing Vintage vest, Nelly crop top, Zara shorts, Bik bok heels and Asos clutch.


Coat: Ganni || Jeans: Acne || Blouse: H&m || Sunglass: Dior || Bag: Zara || Shoes: Filippa K


Wearing Selected Femme shirt and cardigan from Okloven

It's official now, Fall is finally here! Fall is actually one of my favorite seasons of the year. Expect from the rainy days, the season is great with balances. This year we can really see the difference. Some days are warm and sunny, and others cold and rainy. In situations like this is good to wear cardigans. They are perfect for the temperature!


I remember when I bought this dress in Brussels with Joya, I wasn't sure if I wanted it. But she told me I should buy it, and I am very glad I did. I don't know why I wasn't so sure to buy it first. Because it is the type of dresses I usually wear classic and simple.


Photos by Le marcel

Wearing Weekday trench coat, Zara jumpsuit, Mango mini bag, Asos heels and Ray ban sunglass.


Now that Fashion month is around, there are so many inspirations everywhere. I figured that I could show you some weekly inspirations. The street style pictures and shows is always where I get my best inspirations. There are so my many talent photographs out there taking amazing shoot. Then you have the fantastic designer how do a really good job. Fashion week is an absolute inspiration!


Happy Monday guys! I hope everybody had a good weekend. Monday is usually not my favorite day of the week, but today was actually great. I hope the rest of this week will be this way. I mean a good Monday is a great start for the week right? Well I like to believe that it is at least. Have a lovely Monday peeps!


Wearing H&m t-shirt, Pimkie denim dungarees, Stan Smith sneakers and Ray ban sunglass.


Summer is not over for me yet, I'm still in summer mood. I just can't accept that everything is back to the usual routine. I want to wear more summer clothes and watch the sunset every night. But that is over now so I hope I get use to it. I'm not gonna complain because the weather today was fantastic.


Last week when I was in Oslo I went to ecco soft 7 launch party. The new soft 7 collection is really cool. I don't know if you guys have seen it yet, but the collection is out now. You can buy it online on ecco website HERE. I liked the brand's new sneakers because it's the type of sneakers I wear often. It is very simple and boyish like I love!


Photos by Le marcel

Wearing Tiger of Sweden blazer and Selected shirt from Okloven, Asos bag, Mango shorts and sandals.


I find it so fun to dress up for dinner after a long day. It doesn't matter if it's just a family dinner. It's always nice to dress well especially when you eating out. It doesn't have to be like too much. Some people think that when you say dress well for dinner, it means wear a wonderful dress. You can just wear a nice skirt or pants with anything, but remember to wear it with something that makes your outfit not too casual.


Wearing Zara striped sweater, Sheinside denim skirt, Vintage bag and Stan Smith sneakers.


Oh yes that's right Paris is always a good idea. The city is so beautiful with so many different people, streets and restaurants. Everything is just amazing there! I obviously consider Paris as my hometown, not because I speak French. It always feels home when I am there. This time I decided to do a little Paris guide since I have never done it before. If you travel to Paris in summer make sure you don't miss the national day 14 July. The fireworks at the Eiffel Tower at night are magical.

Paris is known for all the good cafes and restaurants everywhere. It's very essay to discover new places. My favorites are Les deux magots, Cafe de Flore, la Cooperative and some of the restaurants in Saint Michel. For macarons I recommend Ladure or Maison Georges Larnicol where I bought mine this time.

What is a trip to Paris without shopping? When is one of the best cities to shop! You have so many wonderful streets with different stores. Like Avenue des Champs Elyses, Le Marais, Boulevard Haussmann, Rue de Rennes, Boulevards Saint Michel and Saint Germain.There you have everything from luxury stores to normal stores.

There are so many things to see in Paris! That sometimes you can't see everything. But the first thing you have to see is the incredible Eiffel Tower. Then you have the fantastic cathedral Notre Dame. I genuinely recommend the Luxembourg garden. My friend and I loved it! The art and history museum Louvre is also worth to see.


Wearing Zara blazer, Pimkie blouse, Levis shorts, Zara slides, Vintage bag and Prada sunglass.


Hey guys! Have you seen the new Cline fall/winter 2015 ad campaign? I don't know about you guys, but I loved it. The campaign was still good without the gorgeous Daria. Karly Loyce, Agnes Nieske, Lisa Helene Kramer, Irina Djuranovic and Sofie Fable Hansen killed it.

Shot by Juergen Teller


Wearing Vintage top, Pimkie striped skirt, Asos bag, Zara heels and Ray ban sunglass.


Good morning everybody :) I hope you had a great weekend. It's now a new week with new opportunities. Mine started well actually, for the first time in my summer vacation since I have been home I woke up early. But now I have to run to a meeting. Talk to you later!


I have to admit that it feels really good to be home now, after a long lovely vacation. I seriously thought I wouldn't be tired of traveling, but now I am a little tired. That's of course just for now! When school starts I would need a break again. This summer has been very good so far, and everything is going really fast.

Hope you all have a great summer!


Pictures via tumblr

Today's inspiration goes to some really cool and minimalist summer looks. This is exactly the type of inspiration I need now. I know it has been up and down with the weather this summer. But I'm going on vacation soon, so summer inspiration is what I have been looking for lately. I have to say that tumblr is a good website for inspirations.


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing H&m vest, Gina Tricot crop top, Asos skirt, Louis Vuitton vintage bag and Ray ban sunglass.


Blazer: H&M || Crop top: Gina Tricot || Leather skirt: IRO Flora || Shoes: Zara

Hope you are having a lovely weekend my dear readers!


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing Zara blazer, Pull&Bear top, Sandro Ferrone pants, Asos heels, Prada sunglass and Mango clutch.


Photos by me

Those who follow me on Instagram have probably noticed that I am obsessed with sunsets. I stay sometimes up late to watch the sunset and take pictures of it. It's incredibly beautiful when the sun disappears. It makes you realize how wonderful the world is.


Wearing Jensen coat, Devred sweater, COS denim jeans, Zara high heels and Ray ban sunglass.

Photos by Melat Dawud


I have to say that we haven't been so lucky with the weather this year. But the last couple of days, I felt like now the summer is here. I wore summer clothes those days, now I am back to wearing rain jackets and everything like that. I hope we will get a nice weather this weekend because I need summer.


Photos by Melat Dawud

Wearing Sheinside boat neck top and denim skirt, Vintage bag, Nelly shoes, Ray Ban sunglass


I had this late coffee break on the other day where I found some really good inspirations, from the Norwegian magazine ELLE which I bought months ago. As I have said before I buy many magazines, but I forget sometimes to read the whole magazine. The other day when I was looking for inspirations from my old magazines. I found this interesting interview with Charlotte Casiraghi and some good styling tips on ELLE Norway. It was very inspiring and totally made my day.


Day Birger et Mikkelsen short trench coat and Max Mara long coat.

Camel coats are my favorite coats. I always wear that type of coats from season to season. When it's warm outside I put a camel trench coat. I don't know why I love them so much. I think it's because of the color. Camel is a neutral color for me like black is for others. I can wear it with most of my clothes since they are all white and black.


I LOVE my leather jacket here! I was so lucky I got to bought it last summer in Brussels. I haven't been wearing it a lot lately. You can see that I haven't worn it on the blog either. That because it hard to found something to wear it with, but the jacket is awesome.

Jacket: Pull&Bear || Shirt: H&M || Trouser: Zara || Belt: Mango || Sunglass: Ray ban


Shirt from Zara, Denim shorts from H&M, Sunglasses from Ray ban, Shoulder bag from Chlo and Sandal from Aquazzura.


This top was what I was looking for the summer, and now it's actually my. It's a perfect neck crop top you can wear with a cute skirt or something else. I wore it with a jeans and it looks great. The top is from Sheinside I got it with my denim skirt. You can buy it here.


After three weeks I finally got my packet from Sheinside. I have waiting for this very long. But it was totally worth it, because I got my new denim skirt. You remember I told you how much I wanted this skirt. I am so happy that I found a perfect one this time.


Hey guys!

It's been a long time since I posted something. So I wanted to tell you what I have been up to. The first thing that took a lot of my time was schoolwork. Since that is my first priority, because of the exams. I had a mathematic exam last week and it went good. So I am finished with that now, but I have other stuff to do. You have no ideas how exciting I am for summer vacation. But anyways I have done other things also. Like hanging out with my friends, and takes some pictures for the blog in middleware.


Wearing Lindex shirt, Tally Weijl jeans, Mango clutch, Ray ban sunglass and Nelly high heels

Photos by Melat Dawud


Denim skirts are definitely back! It is all you see on instagram lately. I haven't seen one fashionista without this skirt. I like that the trend is officially back now. Because it wasn?t so much talk about it last year not the model here at least. So this is what I have been obsessed with these days. I mean the summer is coming and I need to get ready. I finally found one that I like from Stella McCartney. Which tap into the season's 1970s vibe.

What do you think?


Wearing CBC Woman trench coat, Jennyfer t-skirt, Zara denim jeans, Prada sunglass, Zara clutch and shoes.

Ph: Melat Dawud


It's finally Friday again and I am so glad. Hehe I am always happy for the weekend. Tonight I am going to have a quality time with my bestfriend. It has been long time since I've seen her now. I hope that she can take pictures of me for the blog. I wish you all a wonderful weekend J


Wearing H&M denim shirt, Asos skirt, Ray ban sunglass, Zara purse and shoes

Ph: Melat Dawud


When it is come to find a great selection of spring coats for girls., Don't go too far because trench coat is what you need for spring. The coat keeps you warm and classic. Every girl should have one in her wardrobe. Spring is a season following winter and preceding summer. Which is perfect for trench coats because is not too cold or warm. I have different color of trench coat, but the dark blue is what I like best. The coat perfectly fits with everything!


Sweater: Cline || Leather pants: Zalando || Bag: Zara|| Sunnies: Dior || Candle: Byredo || Sandals: Mango

I really need this sweater, since it's still cold outside. This sweater can help me to stay warm and look good with those sandals.


There is no doubt that in the visual of arts and fashion minimalism is what I prefer. This unique and fresh style it very fascinating. I found those amazing pictures on tumblr yesterday, and I had to show it to you guys. Look how awesome the double denim look is. I admit that wearing sandals with socks is kind of weird. But weird can be good plus this is a mix of minimalist and modernist style.


A lot of people ask me very often why I don't wear jewelry. It's not that I don't like to wear jewelry in fact I love jewelry. I just don't feel so comfortable with too much jewelry on me. The only accessories I wear on an outfit is my watch, sunglass and purse. Because is so simple to wear that on an outfit. But this doesn't stop me from loving jewelry. I wear many jewelry sometimes, and those here are my favorites.


Wearing Weekday trench coat, Nelly top,Vintage trouser, Ray ban sunglass, Zara heels and purse.


"C'est l' heure du depart" Kendra Spears is on the go for Vogue, and she is a perfect travel chic. Who really makes me want to travel right now. Be out there on the go and drive far away from home. Don't you guys not agree? This is maybe not a good inspiration for me now. Because I can't pack my things and travel. I have to wait for the summer holiday... But this gives me something to look forward to for the summer.

Shot by Lachlan Bailey featuring Kendra Spears for Vogue Paris.


Det er p tide blogge n! Det har vrt en liten stund siden sist. Ikke bare for dere mine kjre lesere, men for meg ogs. Da jeg var ute for ta bilder med en venn for noen dager siden, var jeg skikkelig drlig. Jeg hadde helt glemt hvordan det var ta bilder...

It's about time to blog now! It has been a little while since last time. Not just for you my dear readers, but for me too. When I was shooting with my friend some days ago, I was terrible. I had totally forgotten how it was to take pictures...


Hey there!

This is the first time I share a "what's in my bag?" post. I think I am going to do it more often. Because I have so many bags with different things in them . Here's what's hanging out in this bag currently. Mango crossbody small bag, Prada sunglasses, H&m rings, Yves rocher lipstick, Chanel perfume, Ermenegildo zegna magazine, Ray ban case and Don Donna Travel Wallet.


Hello lovelies!

I forgot to post this earlier today, it was a good day. When I woke up this morning, and looked how nice it was outside. I decided to go out, no matter how much stuff I had to do. Since I have started to prepare myself for the exams. Before I went out, I had of course a good coffee and read this month Vogue Paris. I bought for two weeks ago, but forgot to read it. Hehe I'm very good at forgetting things. I should get a price for it like my mom says.Hope everybody had a fantastic day!


Milano is such a beautiful city! I really want to move there, every time I visit the city, and I just wish that I could. Here are some of the pictures I snapped on my amazing trip. Making photo diaries of my trips has become a tradition of mine. I like sharing my experience through the pictures. Because it makes me re-live all the memories from my trips. We all know that a picture can say more than thousand words. I traveled with my funny brother Paul! We had so much fun during the trip that our week literally flew.


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing Vintage faux fur, Nelly top, Sandro Ferrone pants, Zara heels, Monki sunglass and Mango clutch.


Trench coat: Zara || Crop trouser: Mango || Sunglass: Cline || Rings: Mango || Heels: Alexander Wang.

I am all about camel clothes as you all know, but lately I have been obsessed with beige clothes. The color is very clean and kind of makes me think of white. I always wear something white when I dress up. Maybe beige can be the new white for me. Anyways I have been searching for this camel crop trouser for a while. So I am glad to have found it at Mango. Do you see how much the trouser provides more excitement in this outfit?


Wearing Jeane Blush coat, H&m shirt, COS denim jeans, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag and Prada sunglass.



Det er endelig lrdag, og vi er alle klare for en artig helg. Lrdag for meg er den dagen da jeg prver finne mest mulig inspirasjoner. For jeg m har nye inspirasjoner til uken, uansett om jeg egentlig fr inspirasjon hver dag. Men lrdag er alltid den beste dagen for kose seg med sine favorittmoteblader.

It's finally Saturday and we're all ready for a fun weekend. Saturday for me is the day when I try to find most possible inspirations. Because I must have new inspirations for the week, though I actually get inspiration everyday. But Saturday is always the best day to snuggle up with our favorite fashion magazines.


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing Zara sweater, Tally Weijl shorts, Nelly thighs high boots, Prada sunglass and Mango clutch.


New York Fashion Week was the best of the best! So I decided to pull together a collection of some of my favourite pieces. I know that it's not cool to play favourites, because of all the talented designers. But sometimes we have to pick the ones we liked best. Let's start with the show that I was most excited about, which is Victoria Beckham. I'm a big fan of Victoria and love what she does. Her show was fantastic as always! It was very simple and elegant. I loved the coats, sweaters and especially the first sexy sophisticated dress.

The second show that made my heart skip a beat was The Row. The Olsen twins are improving. They've always tapped into a baggy look, which they cleaned up here. This minimalistic collection was amazing. Absolutely the type of clothes you feel comfortable with!Last but not least, the show I really loved was Micheal Kors. The easy, luxe and all American collection was beautiful. It's true that Michael Kors is at his best when he serves his classic and clean sportswear. This is what I call a good collection!


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing Kello trench coat, Sandro Ferrone sweater, Zara jeans and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.


Ph: Vogue Paris

Saint Laurent Americana patchwork leather bucket bag, Louis Vuitton leather and denim clutch, Celine Curve leather and metal bag, Dior marquetry motif leather clutch and Gucci Suede bucket bag with cotton strap.

This summer's star bags and clutches make me crazy. I mean look at the colours and materials. It's really amazing! If I could afford all of them now, I definitely would buy them.


Hei folkens!

Sorry for at jeg har ikke blogget p lenge, men jeg trengte en pause fra bloggen. Frst og fremst fordi jeg var veldig opptatt. Jeg fant ikke balansen mellom skoleog blogging og jeg har fortsatt ikke funnet den, men jeg skal prve. Skolen tar over hele livet mitt, og for vre rlig var jeg ikke veldig motivert til blogge. Men masse ting har skjedd de siste ukene. Jeg er tilbake og mer motivert enn noensinne! S flg med for mer oppdatering.

Sorry for the longest absence ever, but I needed a break from the blog. First of all because I was very busy. I could not find the balance between school and blogging and I still haven't, but I'll try. School takes over my whole life, and to be honest I wasn't really motivated to blog. But lots of things have happened the past few weeks. I'm back and more motivated than ever! So stay tuned for more updates.

HELLO 2015

Wow, I give Gucci a big applause for this Pre-Fall. This was really a good sneak peek of 2015. Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 referencing the 1970s as with its spring/summer line. The Collection sees the return of the Gucci's woman's bourgeois soul. Which is different from the last collection. I loved the boyish style with distressed denim, heavy knit sweaters and pants suits. For someone like me who is trying to use more color this is perfect.


Sweater: Stella McCartney || Jeans: Levi's || Purse: Gucci || Candle: Byredo || Heels: Asos


2014 has come to an end, and I wanted to show you some of my favourite moments of the year. It's really fun to look back at some of the pictures I've taken this year. As you already know, I started my blog in 2014. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen, I just wanted to show my passion for fashion and photography through the blog. I am very happy I did that, because this has taken me to a lot of adventure. I have learned so much, travelled and met awesome people. Thank you all for being a part of my 2014 and I wish you all a fantastic 2015!


Her er noen bilder fra photoshoot i forbindelse med den nye telefonen Samsung Galaxy Alpha by Moods of Norway. Er den ikke fin? Jeg har ftt prvd telefonen n og m si den er verdt kjpe. Den har mange nyttige funksjoner. Et godt kamera med veldig bra kvalitet. I tillegg har mobilen ekstra lang batterilevetid. En utrolig fin og super lyssterk skjerm som dere kanskje ser p bildene. Galaxy Alpha by Moods of Norway kommer kun i et lite antall og finnes hos Lefdal.

Annonse skrevet i samarbeid med Samsung


I have taken my obsession for wide leg pants to a new level. I mean lately, this is ALL I wear! My mother laughs every time she sees me walk out the door with these kind of pants since four years ago I would never have been seen in them. They feel SO elegant and comfortable too.


Photo by Le marcl

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear readers. Hope everybody has fabulous Holidays!


Denne varme genseren fra Sheinside som er kjempedeilig mot kulda. Det som er s bra med snne gensere, er at det gr aldri ut av trender. Jeg nsker meg det hvert r, faktisk.N har jeg nsket meg denne pop vintage jeansen fra Acne lenge. Den er s fin og passer til alt mulig.Jeg pleier vanligvis ikke nske meg bh til jul. Men herregud, denne bh'en fra Ganni er sykt lekker.Jeg har vrt besatt av svarte hler i det siste. S de fine, pne skolettene med hl og ankelstropp fra Zara, hadde vrt veldig gy ha.Det siste, men ikke minste jeg nsker meg, er den inspirerende boka ?How To Be Parisian" Det er helt utrolig at jeg har ikke lest den enn.


Jeg oppdaterer noen ganger mer p instagram enn p bloggen. Det er noen ting p instagram som kommer p bloggen og andre ting ikke. Instagramkontoret mitt er kanskje litt mer personlig. Der legger jeg ut mye forskjellig, alt ut i fra hva jeg gjr, bloggoppdatering og ting som inspirerer meg. S er bare flge meg p augustinam!

I update sometimes more on instagram than on the blog. There are things on instagram that comes to the blog and other things not. My instagram profile is maybe more personal. I post different things based on what I do, blog updates and stuff that inspire me. So just follow me on augustinam!


Pictures by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

How amazing are thesephotos of Julia Roberts for Givenchy's spring 2015 campaign?


Hey peeps,

I am happy to say I am back to blogging! I may have probably mentioned it before, I have been really busy with school. But now it only one week to go, until I get my holiday, so I am very delighted. I am also excited too, to celebrate christmas, I hope you guys are doing well with christmas time.


Pictures via Mango

Mango aw15 with stunning Daria was fantastic as usual. The collection was very simple but still sexy. I loved the comfortable pants and coats. As we all know from collections to collections, that Mango has simple and comfortable clothes. This is one of the reasons for why I identify myself with the brand. Because I always wear clothes that I am comfortable with.


Wearing Marie Philippe coat, Gant turtleneck, Denim jeans, Mango clutch, Ray ban sunglass and Nelly heels.


I really needed a coffee break today. These three days have been very exhausting with exam and everything. So a nice coffee and magazine is always helpful. After days like this!

Jeg trengte virkelig en kaffepause i dag. Disse tre dagene har vrt veldig slitsomme med eksamen og alt. S en god kaffe og et fint blad hjelper alltid.Etter snne dager!


Turtleneck: Cubus || Book: How To Be A Parisian || T-shirt, jeans and earrings: Mango || Boots: Yve Saint Laurent || Clutch: Zara || Pajamas: Nelly || Candle: By Malene Birger

It took me a week to put together my wishlist for Christmas. I actually remembered it today when my friend asked me what I want for Christmas. I have been obsessed with turtlenecks lately. I want them in all colours special this colour here. I really need this book on "How To Be A Parisian". Basic garments like this t-shirt and jeans are always on my wishlist. I am trying to use more accessories so those earrings would be perfect for me. Those boots are something I have wanted for so long. I am never tired of black clutches and pajamas. I need a new candle from By Malene Birger.



I am all about the details! You guys have probably noticed that when I post a outfit, I always start with the details. The capture of details makes it so perfect for the accessories. I decided to put together some of my favorite detail looks to see the different accessories and clothes. Which are your favorites?

Jeg er opptatt av detaljene! Dere har sikkert lagt merke til at nr jeg legger ut et antrekk, begynner jeg alltid med detaljene. f med detaljene gjr det s perfekt for tilbehret. Jeg bestemte meg for sette sammen noen av mine favorittdetaljer for vise de forskjellige tilbehrene og klrne. Hva er dine favoritter?


John Lewis stripe dress and Carolina Herrera for spring 2012 sleeveless black and white dress.

I am wearing Nelly dress, Mango clutch, Zara shoes and Ray ban sunglass.

Today's details

A quick detail of this afternoon look before my meeting. Absolutely love this mixed colour of beige, grey and white. My favorite colours! I have been wearing them a lot this autumn.

Trench coat: Zara || Turtleneck: Pull& bear|| Pants: Mango|| Watch: Asos || Clutch: Bershka


Ph. Melat Dawud

Wearing La Redoute coat, H&m shirt, Asos jeans and Nelly shoes


Just wanted to show you a couple of snaps from Brussels. My trip was really awesome. So good that it was very hard to come home. Of course, it is always great to get home. I had a fantastic time with my family. I went shopping at my favorite places the Galeries Royales St-Hubert, La Rue Neuve and Avenue Louise and I ate good food everywhere! The best part with this trip was meeting one of my favorite Belgian bloggers, Joya. You guys should definitely visit her blog seenbyjoya. She is such a lovely girl! We had lunch at a nice restaurant next to Avenue Louise, took some pictures and went shopping. I ended the trip seeing the beautiful Atomium monument.

Ville bare vise dere et par snaps fra Brussel. Turen min var virkelig fantastisk. S bra at det var veldig vanskelig komme hjem. Men det er ogs godt komme hjem! Jeg hadde en fantastisk tid med familien min. Jeg gikk p shopping p mine favorittplasser Galeries Royales St-Hubert, La Rue Neuve og Avenue Louise, og jeg spiste god mat overalt! Det beste med denne turen var mte en av mine belgiske favorittbloggere, Joya. Dere br absolutt beske hennes blogg seenbyjoya. Hun er en nydelig jente! Vi hadde lunsj p en fin restaurant ved siden av Avenue Louise, tok noen bilder og gikk p shopping. Jeg avsluttet turen med se det vakre Atomium-monumentet.


J Jumpsuit: Acne Studios || Sweater: Zara || Jeans: Rag& Bone || Shoes: Alexander Wang x H&m || Bag: Ysl


Coat: Bikbok || Shirt: Zara || Pants: Mango || Purse: Bershka || Sunglasses: Monki

Wearing something classic is always easy for me. Because it is very simple and chic, witch is part of my style. My everyday looks are quit casual, I can't wear heels on a monday. So this look is more for the weekend.


Pictures by Joya Kenens

Wearing Zara Jacket, Pull&bear Turtleneck, Denim Jeans, Stan smith Sneakers and Zara clutch.


1. Shopping in Brussels / New Burberry sweater 2. Starbucks frapp from last friday 3. On my way to the city wearing Zara dress

4. Bike tour with my brother5. Fall shopping in Oslo 6. The amazing Dior store in Brussels

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Ph. Melat Dawud

Pants: Mango || Blazer: Zara (similar here) || Top: New look || Shoes: Nelly || sunglasses: Monki || Clutch: Mango


Sunglass: Cline || Sweater: Gina Tricot || Cropped pants: Net-a-porter || Sneakers: Adidas Stan smith.


The Alexander Wang that everyone is talking about is finally out. It was really exciting to hear about H&M working with a designer. I love it! The New York presentation with this season's mix of black and grey was truly amazing. Perfect for autumn! What do you think?

Alexander Wang kolleksjon som alle snakker om er ute n. Det var veldig spennende hre at H&M samarbeider med en designer ... jeg elsker det! New York -presentasjonen med denne sesongens blanding av svart og grtt var virkelig fantastisk. Perfekt for hsten! Hva synes dere?


Coat: BikBok, Top: Mango, Shorts: Zara, Purse: Bershka, Sunglasses: Prada


Hey guys!

I am sorry that I have not updated the blog in a long time. It has in fact been so much back and forth with the blog. But things have calmed down a bit now, and I'm back from Brussels. I also soon will have some good news for you, for the blog.

Jeg beklager at jeg har ikke oppdatert bloggen p lenge. Det har nemlig vrt s mye fram og tilbake med bloggen. Men ting har roet seg litt n, og jeg er tilbake fra Brussel. Jeg har ogs snart noen gode nyheter til dere for bloggen.


Photos by Melat Dawud

Wearing Zara white blazer, Marie Philippe top, Zara jeans, Bershka bag and Ray ban sunnies.


Ph: Melat Dawud

Wearing Zara knitwear and skirt, Bershka shoes, Prada sunnies.


Sunday is really the best day of the week. It is a great time to relax and be inspired. I read a very interesting french article called "L'exprience rive gauche". The article spoke of a unique kind of lifestyle and I have to say it was very good and inspiring too.Have a nice SUNDAY everyone!


Today, I am delighted to be able to share about two of my favorite skirts. You guys may have seen me wearing the white one a lot during the summer. I love that skirt because it is chic and simple. The black and white one from Mango is more like a dress and it looks stunning. It fits with every colour,like this yellow bag that I used for this look.


ClineSunglasses, topp from Topshop, slider from Asos, Trousers from NET-A-PORTER

Black is seriously one of my favorite color right now. It's so weird because I am used to wear light color like white or grey. Every permutation of black appears to be awesome. Its very stark, attractive and comforting at the same time.


Ph. Le Marcl

Dress and shoes from Zara, Clutch from Mango and Ray Ban sunnies.


Ganni Spring/Summer 2015

The Ganni show was fantastic and one of my favorites show at CPFW. The best part with the show was the new minimalist collection that worked perfectly with the white sneakers. My favorite look was the first one a long white sleeveles dress with a high neck line.


I am wearing blazer from Blanco, top from Bershka, Denim jeans, clutch from Mango, heels from Asos and Prada sunnies.


                                    CR Fashion book / Louis Vuitton 

My mind is really set on Louis Vuitton and Cline earrings. Special after the fall 2014 runways that embraced the art of only wearing one. I know is kind of weird wearing only one earring, but I like it.


Top: Petit Bateau|| Ballerinas: JIMMY CHOO || Pants: H&m || Asos sunglasses.

I have been really obsessed with striped tops. I don't know how it's started, but that's all I wear lately. I mean it's better to wear striped tops than normal white tops. Special for my style because it's very simple. Right now I look forward to get my new mariniere striped cotton-jersey top from Net a porter.

White dress




                                                                  I am wearing Zara trench coat and dress, Asos shoes, Ray ban sunnies


                                                 Ph: Melat Dawud

Wearing Nelly leather vest, H&m top, Denim jeans, Mango clutch, Bik bok heels and Ray ban sunglasses.


                                                         Ph. Le Marcel

Trench coat: H&m || Sweater: Zara || Trouser: Mango (similar here) || Slides: Zara || Sunglass: Ray ban


1. Lunch with my best friend at Godt Brd.
2. On my way to work, wearing ZARA birkenstock sandals, H&m top and Mango trouser.
3. Sunday night with Vogue Paris.
4. Delicious coffee latte and hot chocolate at Caf Opera.
5. Cline amazing store in London.
6. Stripes sweater from Zara.
7. New Acne sweater (Similar here)
8. Prada perfect summer shoes

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A little snap of today's new and old purchases that I've been wearing a lot of lately. I really love this white blazer I bought in Paris. Since I wanted a cute simple outfit to match spring temps. This white blazer and trousers was perfect for me.

Mango 080

                                                         Ph. Mango

Mango FW'14 fashion show was amazing. Mango is first of all one of my favorite brands. When I heard about their new collection, I was so exciting. I had a good reason to be exciting. I loved the collection it was so simple, minimalist and classic like my style.

Trench coat

                                                 Ph. Le Marcl

Jeans: Denim || Trench Coat: CBC Woman || Shirt: Zara || Watch: Festina || Sunnies: Ray ban || Sneakers: Adidas superstar

Leather pants

           I am wearing Acne sweater, leather pants from Vero moda and Heels from Asos

Wide leg Pants

I am wearing shirt from pimkie, trousers from h&m, shoes from zara, clutch from mango and ray ban sunglass.


It's finally summer now, I'm  finish with school and exam. I can finally relax and blog more. I started the weekend with getting some inspiration for the summer. Now I am on my way to work. Good weekend and summer everyone.

I am wearing blazer from zara, top from asos, trouser from mango, Louis Vuitton bag and shoes from zara.


I am wearing blazer from Zara, top from Topshop, Vintage skirt, Festina watch, Prada sunnies and shoes from Asos.

Sunday night

The weekend is finish and it time to get some inspirations for the week. Vogue Paris is of course what I need for my inspirations. I wish you guys a nice week!


                    I am wearing Asos shirt, Denim jeans, Zara shoes, Prada sunnies


                                            Onepiece: SAINT LAURENT
                                                   Deodorant: AESOP
                                                    Sunnies: CLINE
                                              Heels: NET-A-PORTER
                                                      Watch: NIXON

New in

You guys probably know how much I love wearing my sunglasses. Being in Paris with the sun everyday, made me realize that I needed a new one. So I bought this amazing sunglass from Prada. The sunglass is perfect to any outfit I love it.

Dere vet sikkert hvor mye jeg elsker solbrillene mine. vre i Paris med solen hver dag, fikk meg til innse at jeg trengte en ny. S jeg kjpte den fantastisk solbrillen fra Prada. Solbrillen er perfekt til ethvert antrekk jeg elsker det.

Jenni Kayne

                                                  Pictures via Style.com

White combination

      I am wearing Mango top, Zara trouser, Bikbok heels, Zalando clutch, Ray ban sunnies.

From Paris with love

I am wearing CBC woman trench coat, H&m sweater, Denim jeans, Zara high heels, Festina watch and Ray ban sunnies.

Spring trend

Ray-Ban sunglasses, Acne Studios boyfriend jeans, Topshop oversized casual stripe shirt, Isabel Marant  sweatshirt, Kevyn Aucoin eye Shadow ,Sophie Bille Brahe knuckle ring, Phillip Lim leather d'Orsay flats and Saint Laurent bag


                                                      ALEXANDER WANG Shoes (In nude here

Simple skirt

                                              Photos by Melat Dawud

              Pimkie knitwear, vintage skirt, mango clutch, zara shoes, ray ban sunnies


                                                   Zara Spring 2014 Campaign


Some of you guys who follow me on instagram have already seen my new adidas. I had those adidas for nine years ago. I don't know what happened to them, but really needed them back an so I bought them again.

Put a blazer on it

    Blazer: Laredoute, Blouse: Bikbok ,Belt: Mango, Trouser: Frontrowshop, Heels: Nelly 


                                             Affranchie, Vogue Paris March 2014


Now that it's spring, I am throwing myself on the white spring trend. But even if that is the case, I like to have a little bit of contrast. And I felt the black belt and the burgundy heels would do the trick. The belt is actually very thin but very visible on a white outfit. I specially love the heels to, they give more spark to the outfit.

Chaussures du printemps

                                              Images via Vogue

The spring is here, so I am looking for some shoes to wear. I found these amazing red and black shoes by Antony Vaccarello. I really love them, what do you think?

Back on track

I am wearing weekday coat, zara knitwear, asos clutch, denim jean, bikbok shoes ,ray ban sunglass.

Anthony Vaccarello Aw14

                                             Images style.com

WOW, Anthony Vaccarello Aw14 was fantastic. the collection is absolutely my style, the kind of clothes that, I love to wear. I really liked the shoes, skirts and trousers. Everything was just amazing.

My favorite clutch

I have many clutches, but this clutch from asos is definitely my favorite. The clutch fits with everything. But to be honest I didn`t really love clutches before, because every time I had a clutch, I always had lost something. I think it`s because I had too much stuff in my clutches. But right now I love clutches. It`s so simple and elegant at the same time.

Victoria Beckham

                                            Image: style.com

Victoria Beckham A/W 14-15 was one of my favorites collection at NFW. I really liked the white and black combination. Specially the white trouser.

Vintage Coat

Hey peeps, this is my first post, and I found a coat which I bought for 4/5 years ago when I was in Paris. At the time it wasn't trendy at all but now it appears to be pretty cool, and so I thought it would be appropriate for my first post. It shows how fashion gives birth to itself.