februar 2017






                                                                                  Photos by Le Marcl

                                            Wearing Maison Scotch jacket, Morris pants and Selected Femme sneakers.






                                        Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset

Here are some pictures from last week taken with my phone and cameras. If you follow me on Instagram you will see more pictures. I sometimes tend to update more on Insta than on the blog. It's more easily done because I take the pictures myself, specially when I do it with my phone I can just post them right away. Have you guys noticed how I'm all about colours when I take a picture? When I find a green or pink wall I use it as my background.






                                                                                     Photos by Melat Dawud

                                                 Wearing Denim jumpsuit, Clutch from Zalando and Shoes form Bik bok. 







My inspiration for today is all about accessories! I'm not really an accessory type of person. I usually just use watches, bags, clutches, sunglasses and hats as accessories. But I think I need to change that, I have to try to use more accessories with some outfits.








                                                                              Photos by Melat Dawud                   

          Wearing United Colors of Benetton coat, jeans from Bershka, Shoes from Bik Bok and Dolce& Gabbana sunglasses.







                                                                             Photos by Melat Dawud  

           Wearing Vintage jacket, Selected Femme sweater, jeans from H&m, shoes from Nelly and Ray ban sunglasses.







Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovers out there! So today is the day you show love to your lover. For those of you how celebrate Valentine's Day take out your lovely dress and wear it tonight. We all know that red is the love colour! Use this opportunity to wear your a red dress, and take your lover to a nice place like Theatro. 





                                                                                    Photos by L Marcel

                                Wearing Selected Femme jacket, Penn&Ink N.Y wide-leg pants and Tiger of Sweden boots.






Hey guys let's talk about shoes for once because I have to admit that I forget how important shoes are for us. I mean it's true that the shoes you wear can change your outfit. We wear often high heels to pop out our outfit to make it look less casual when it is not a party outfit. But sometimes you also want a break, and wear flat shoes. It just is more comfortable. We all know in everyday life we have to wear flat shoes. One just can't survive with only high heels.






                                                                                     Photos by L Marcel

                              Wearing Selected Femme Blazer and pants from Okloven, Ray ban sunglasses and shoes from Asos.






Happy Monday peeps! I don't know why but lately I have been taking many mountains pictures. I love it so much, specially because here in Norway we have such amazing views everywhere. It's very beautiful when you wake up in the morning and see it. I wanted to tell you guys too that I decided to blog more often now every Monday, Thursday and Wednesday. So stay updated and have a nice week!








                                                                                   Photos by Melat Dawud

              Jacket: Stella McCartney || Turtleneck: Pull&Bear || Pants: H&M  || Sunglasses: Pada || Backpack: Zara || Shoes: Asos