mars 2015


Hey there!

This is the first time I share a "what's in my bag?" post. I think I am going to do it more often. Because I have so many bags with different things in them . Here's what's hanging out in this bag currently. Mango crossbody small bag, Prada sunglasses, H&m rings, Yves rocher lipstick, Chanel perfume, Ermenegildo zegna magazine, Ray ban case and Don Donna Travel Wallet.


Hello lovelies!

I forgot to post this earlier today, it was a good day. When I woke up this morning, and looked how nice it was outside. I decided to go out, no matter how much stuff I had to do. Since I have started to prepare myself for the exams. Before I went out, I had of course a good coffee and read this month Vogue Paris. I bought for two weeks ago, but forgot to read it. Hehe I'm very good at forgetting things. I should get a price for it like my mom says.Hope everybody had a fantastic day!


Milano is such a beautiful city! I really want to move there, every time I visit the city, and I just wish that I could. Here are some of the pictures I snapped on my amazing trip. Making photo diaries of my trips has become a tradition of mine. I like sharing my experience through the pictures. Because it makes me re-live all the memories from my trips. We all know that a picture can say more than thousand words. I traveled with my funny brother Paul! We had so much fun during the trip that our week literally flew.


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing Vintage faux fur, Nelly top, Sandro Ferrone pants, Zara heels, Monki sunglass and Mango clutch.


Trench coat: Zara || Crop trouser: Mango || Sunglass: Cline || Rings: Mango || Heels: Alexander Wang.

I am all about camel clothes as you all know, but lately I have been obsessed with beige clothes. The color is very clean and kind of makes me think of white. I always wear something white when I dress up. Maybe beige can be the new white for me. Anyways I have been searching for this camel crop trouser for a while. So I am glad to have found it at Mango. Do you see how much the trouser provides more excitement in this outfit?


Wearing Jeane Blush coat, H&m shirt, COS denim jeans, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag and Prada sunglass.



Det er endelig lrdag, og vi er alle klare for en artig helg. Lrdag for meg er den dagen da jeg prver finne mest mulig inspirasjoner. For jeg m har nye inspirasjoner til uken, uansett om jeg egentlig fr inspirasjon hver dag. Men lrdag er alltid den beste dagen for kose seg med sine favorittmoteblader.

It's finally Saturday and we're all ready for a fun weekend. Saturday for me is the day when I try to find most possible inspirations. Because I must have new inspirations for the week, though I actually get inspiration everyday. But Saturday is always the best day to snuggle up with our favorite fashion magazines.


Photos by Le.Marcel

Wearing Zara sweater, Tally Weijl shorts, Nelly thighs high boots, Prada sunglass and Mango clutch.


New York Fashion Week was the best of the best! So I decided to pull together a collection of some of my favourite pieces. I know that it's not cool to play favourites, because of all the talented designers. But sometimes we have to pick the ones we liked best. Let's start with the show that I was most excited about, which is Victoria Beckham. I'm a big fan of Victoria and love what she does. Her show was fantastic as always! It was very simple and elegant. I loved the coats, sweaters and especially the first sexy sophisticated dress.

The second show that made my heart skip a beat was The Row. The Olsen twins are improving. They've always tapped into a baggy look, which they cleaned up here. This minimalistic collection was amazing. Absolutely the type of clothes you feel comfortable with!Last but not least, the show I really loved was Micheal Kors. The easy, luxe and all American collection was beautiful. It's true that Michael Kors is at his best when he serves his classic and clean sportswear. This is what I call a good collection!