april 2015


Sweater: Cline || Leather pants: Zalando || Bag: Zara|| Sunnies: Dior || Candle: Byredo || Sandals: Mango

I really need this sweater, since it's still cold outside. This sweater can help me to stay warm and look good with those sandals.


There is no doubt that in the visual of arts and fashion minimalism is what I prefer. This unique and fresh style it very fascinating. I found those amazing pictures on tumblr yesterday, and I had to show it to you guys. Look how awesome the double denim look is. I admit that wearing sandals with socks is kind of weird. But weird can be good plus this is a mix of minimalist and modernist style.


A lot of people ask me very often why I don't wear jewelry. It's not that I don't like to wear jewelry in fact I love jewelry. I just don't feel so comfortable with too much jewelry on me. The only accessories I wear on an outfit is my watch, sunglass and purse. Because is so simple to wear that on an outfit. But this doesn't stop me from loving jewelry. I wear many jewelry sometimes, and those here are my favorites.


"C'est l' heure du depart" Kendra Spears is on the go for Vogue, and she is a perfect travel chic. Who really makes me want to travel right now. Be out there on the go and drive far away from home. Don't you guys not agree? This is maybe not a good inspiration for me now. Because I can't pack my things and travel. I have to wait for the summer holiday... But this gives me something to look forward to for the summer.

Shot by Lachlan Bailey featuring Kendra Spears for Vogue Paris.


Det er p tide blogge n! Det har vrt en liten stund siden sist. Ikke bare for dere mine kjre lesere, men for meg ogs. Da jeg var ute for ta bilder med en venn for noen dager siden, var jeg skikkelig drlig. Jeg hadde helt glemt hvordan det var ta bilder...

It's about time to blog now! It has been a little while since last time. Not just for you my dear readers, but for me too. When I was shooting with my friend some days ago, I was terrible. I had totally forgotten how it was to take pictures...