september 2015


Now that Fashion month is around, there are so many inspirations everywhere. I figured that I could show you some weekly inspirations. The street style pictures and shows is always where I get my best inspirations. There are so my many talent photographs out there taking amazing shoot. Then you have the fantastic designer how do a really good job. Fashion week is an absolute inspiration!


Happy Monday guys! I hope everybody had a good weekend. Monday is usually not my favorite day of the week, but today was actually great. I hope the rest of this week will be this way. I mean a good Monday is a great start for the week right? Well I like to believe that it is at least. Have a lovely Monday peeps!


Summer is not over for me yet, I'm still in summer mood. I just can't accept that everything is back to the usual routine. I want to wear more summer clothes and watch the sunset every night. But that is over now so I hope I get use to it. I'm not gonna complain because the weather today was fantastic.